Werkwijze voor de bereiding van ingevroren, ge- pelde tomaten en nevenprodukten.

Deep freezing tomatoes - involves splitting skins by cooling then heating to about 30 degrees C to facilitate skin removal

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Tenuta Antonio
  • Publication Date: November 20, 1978
  • Publication Number: NL-7705376-A


Well-ripened tomatoes are prepd. for skin removal by splitting the skin at atmospheric pressure using a temp. gradient of 60-65 degrees C. This temp. gradient is the difference between the initial temp. of the tomatoes and the skin splitting temp. the gradient being other than the usual one of ambient to boiling water temp. The pref. temp. gradient is obtd. starting from -30 degrees C and finishing at 30-35 degrees C. The process is applied to deep-freezing whole or cut up tomatoes. The process enables much less energy to be used in skinning the tomatoes, which can make the deep-freezing economic compared with canning. By deep freezing the taste properties are unaltered, preservative are not required and canning and transport costs are reduced. Prod. may be packaged in polyethylene bags.




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