Vibration generator with two part eccentric weight - has adjusting member sliding in shaft to rotate parts


  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ambac B V
  • Publication Date: August 01, 1978
  • Publication Number: NL-7700955-A


The vibration generator has one or more eccentric weights on a driven shaft, each weight comprising two masses which can be turned in relation to each other to vary the amplitude. There is an adjusting member (11) coaxial to the shaft, and which is slid axially so as to turn the masses (9, 10). The latter can be mounted on the shaft so that they cannot slide, while the member slides, but cannot turn, in a bore in the shaft, having one or more spiral grooves in which lugs on the masses fit. Where there are more than one eccentric weights on the shaft, the latter can be hollow, to accommodate a coupling rod between the adjusting members.




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