Insert-chip, plasma torch and plasma welding device



【課題】 高温割れ,アンダーカットを生じることなく安定したアークでプラズマアーク溶接をより高速化。 【解決手段】 先頭電極空間1a,1以上の中間電極空間1bおよび後尾電極空間1cと、溶接方向yの一直線上に分布し各電極空間にそれぞれが連通し前記一直線と平行な溶接線に対向して開いた3個以上の開口4a,4b,4cと、を備えるインサートチップ1。該インサートチップの各電極空間に各先端部を挿入した複数の電極2a,2b,2cと、を備えるプラズマトーチ。先頭電極2aに予熱電力を給電する第1電源18ap,18awと、中間電極2bに裏ビード形成電力を給電する第2電源18bp,18bwと、後尾電極2cになめ付け電力を給電する第3電源18cp,18cwと、を備えるプラズマ溶接装置。先頭電極又は中間電極のプラズマアークにより裏ビードを形成し、他の電極のTIGアークで予熱又はなめ付けをするプラズマ溶接装置。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To further increase the speed of plasma arc welding by a stable arc without causing hot cracking nor undercut.SOLUTION: The insert-chip 1 includes: a leading electrode space 1a, one or more intermediate electrode spaces 1b and a tail electrode space 1c; and three or more openings 4a, 4b, 4c which are distributed on one line in a welding direction y, respectively communicate with the respective electrode spaces and are opened oppositely to a welding line parallel to the one line. The plasma torch includes a plurality of electrodes 2a, 2b, 2c each having a tip part inserted in the corresponding electrode space of the insert-chip. The plasma welding device includes: first power sources 18ap, 18aw for feeding preheating power to the leading electrode 2a; second power sources 18bp, 18bw for feeding back bead formation power to the intermediate electrode 2b; and third power source 18cp, 18cw for feeding power for welding without welding rod to the tail electrode 2c. In the plasma welding device, a back bead is formed by a plasma arc of the leading electrode or the intermediate electrode, and preheating or welding without welding rod is performed by TIG arcs of the other electrodes.




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