High-strength low-thermal-expansion alloy, method for producing the same, and precision instrument



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a high-strength low-thermal-expansion alloy having adequate workability, high mechanical strength and a small coefficient of the thermal expansion, and to provide a precision instrument using the same. SOLUTION: The production method includes: preparing an alloy which includes 30-38% Ni, 1-7% Co, 1% or less respectively of and 0.0001-3% in total of fluorine compounds of group IIa elements of Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba, and the balance Fe; annealing the alloy at 900°C or higher but lower than the melting point; then cooling the annealed alloy; and subsequently subjecting the cooled alloy to wire drawing with a working rate of 60% or more to produce a bar or a wire having desired thickness, or further heating the bar or the wire at 70-500°C. The high-strength low-thermal-expansion alloy has the tensile strength of 1,000 MPa or more, and the coefficient of the thermal expansion of (-1 to +1)×10 -6 °C -1 at -50 to 100°C. COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 加工性が良好で、機械的強度が高く、熱膨張係数が小さい高強度低熱膨張合金、及びこれを使用した精密機器を提供することにある。 【解決手段】Ni30〜38%、Co1〜7%とMg、Ca、Sr、BaのIIa族元素のフッ素化合物のそれぞれ1%以下、合計で0.0001〜3%、及び残部Feからなる合金を、900℃以上融点未満の温度で焼鈍した後冷却し、ついで加工率60%以上の線引加工を施して所望の太さの棒又は線になすか、または、さらに当該棒又は線を70〜500℃の温度で加熱する。高強度低熱膨張合金の引張強さは1000MPa以上、-50〜100℃における熱膨張係数は(-1〜+1)×10 −6 ℃ -1 である。 【選択図】図6




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