Fluorescence detecting method, fluorescence detector and program



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a high-precision fluorescence relaxation time from a reception signal generated when receiving fluorescence caused by irradiating an object to be measured with laser light. <P>SOLUTION: A method is provided, which includes: the step of irradiating the object to be measured with the laser light modulated at a prescribed frequency; the step of receiving fluorescence emitted by the object to be measured and for output of a plurality of pulsing fluorescence signals; the step of setting a reference timing in a periodic unit so as to correspond to the frequency; the step of acquiring a generation period ranging up to a timing at which each pulsing fluorescence signal is output, based on the reference timing; the step of creating an accumulation fluorescence signal showing a relationship between the generation period and a generation frequency of the pulsing fluorescence signal; the step of employing a signal as a reference signal which corresponds to the modulation of the laser light, and obtaining a phase difference between the reference signal and the accumulation fluorescence signal; and the step of obtaining the fluorescence relaxation time of the fluorescence of the object to be measured by using the phase difference. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT
【課題】測定対象物にレーザ光を照射することにより発する蛍光を受光し、この時の受光信号から、精度の高い蛍光緩和時間を求める。 【解決手段】所定の周波数で変調したレーザ光を測定対象物に照射する工程と、測定対象物が発する蛍光を受光して、パルス状の蛍光信号を複数出力する工程と、周波数に対応する周期単位の基準タイミングを設定する工程と、基準タイミングに基づいて、パルス状の蛍光信号の各々が出力されるまでの発生時間を取得する工程と、パルス状の蛍光信号の発生頻度と発生時間との関係を示す累積蛍光信号を生成する工程と、レーザ光の変調に対応する信号を参照信号とし、参照信号と累積蛍光信号との位相差を求める工程と、位相差を用いて測定対象物の蛍光の蛍光緩和時間を求める工程と、を有する。 【選択図】図3




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